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When I think about this past weekend, I’ll I can remember is the amount of snot coming from Brewer’s nose. He started showing signs of a cold Thursday evening and by Friday it was full on snot fest. We had to postpone our trip to Colorado Springs to see his grand-parents and partake in fun at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo :(

Jordan was up with him almost the entire night Friday and I was up till midnight with him last night. Other than that he’s been taking naps like a champ and still eating quite a bit. Colds have to be one of the hardest challenges with little ones. He doesn’t know how to blow his nose and the only thing that’s going to help is getting the mucus out. I think we’ve done every silly dance and sang every silly song you can image to distract him while the other tries to spray saline up his tiny nostrils. It really is like a circus act and I usually end up giggling at Jordan along with Brewer.

Lessons I’ve learned along the way:

  • Buy loads of saline spray!
  • Use eucalyptus oil for bath-time and in the humidifier
  • Steam bath helps a ton! When Brewer is showing signs of a cold we run the shower (on super hot) in his bathroom a couple minutes before we fill the tub water, it helps to steam up the room
  • Use baby wipes as tissue this helps prevent his nose from getting red and irritated from all the wiping
  • Load up on vitamin C and disinfect hands more than usual, it’s hard not to get the same cold as your baby when they are sneezing in your face all day. Loading up on vitamin C may help your body fight those nasty germs or even shorten the length of your cold.

Hopefully, the worst is over and we can work on getting back into our weekly routine and regular bed-time.

Jordan has been working long hours lately and decided to take last Thursday and Friday off. Leaving us with a four day weekend to fill with fun activies, which is exactly what we did.

Thursday: We drove into Denver and hung out with the fishes at the Aquarium.

Friday: We toured a possible school option for Brewer, Primrose. If anyone has experiend with their children attending this school, advice would be great:)

Saturday: I took some time for myself and went to the salon, while Brewer and his Daddy played at the park. 

Sunday: Brewer took a nap hiatus, we had family photos taken, and then he pooped all over his jammies before bed….awesome:\

What a great productive weekend! Looking forward to next weekend……BREWER’S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!

*I’ll be posting more photos and details soon

The weather has been beautiful here in CO and we’ve been taking full advantage by going to the park everyday. Here are some photos of Brewer sporting his new Puma outfit from Grandma Coombs.

*Of course, as I type this it’s starting to snow but it was fun while it lasted.

I’m looking forward to this weekend because we have a great mix of family activity and a holiday party. Saturday we are hopping on the gourmet food truck trend and sampling goodies from the following trucks.

StrEat Chefs Airstream Trailer, Amerciana Gourmet

Comida, a pink former DHL truck with a Mexican Food Menu

the Denver Cupcake Truck

Our neighborhood is so fun to have events like this in our downtown park. After stuffing our faces at the park Jordan and I will be attending his office Christmas party, were I assume there will be more awesome food…yay!

Guess what I’ll be doing Sunday….RUNNING!!

Brewer met Santa this weekend. We got once nice photo before the melt down began.

We have a super busy weekend coming up. Brewer meets Santa Saturday afternoon and then off to his first birthday party. Sunday we are picking out our x-mas tree and decorating. We get a live one every year, I love they way they smell.