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We won’t be able to pick handfulls of berries too much longer, so Brewer and I went to the farm this morning to stock up. Well…actually we might have to visit again soon since Brewer was more into eating than picking. It was fun either way! 

*If you live in CO, I highly recommend the Berry Patch Farm in Brighton! pick your own produce amongst the chickens, pig, farm cats and dogs :)

I want to go to there!

Last Thursday we took a family trip to the Denver Aquarium. It was so fun to see Brewer eye-to-eye with sharks. They have a sting ray exhibit with a large open pool where you can pet the sting rays if you desire. I think Brewer was more interested in swimming in the pool than petting the dark shadows fluttering around in it;)

I am now trying to come up with an excuse to have an event/dinner party at the aquarium. They are equipped with a Dive Lounge that features an entire wall of glass to view the fishes….fun!

*You can read more about the Denver Aquarium here.

Jordan has been working long hours lately and decided to take last Thursday and Friday off. Leaving us with a four day weekend to fill with fun activies, which is exactly what we did.

Thursday: We drove into Denver and hung out with the fishes at the Aquarium.

Friday: We toured a possible school option for Brewer, Primrose. If anyone has experiend with their children attending this school, advice would be great:)

Saturday: I took some time for myself and went to the salon, while Brewer and his Daddy played at the park. 

Sunday: Brewer took a nap hiatus, we had family photos taken, and then he pooped all over his jammies before bed….awesome:\

What a great productive weekend! Looking forward to next weekend……BREWER’S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!

*I’ll be posting more photos and details soon

The weather has been beautiful here in CO and we’ve been taking full advantage by going to the park everyday. Here are some photos of Brewer sporting his new Puma outfit from Grandma Coombs.

*Of course, as I type this it’s starting to snow but it was fun while it lasted.

This months fun find is in Longmont, CO. It’s called the Cheese Importer’s Warehouse…that’s right, it’s alllll about cheese. Sometimes Jordan and I just take an afternoon on the weekend and explore their huge refrigerator of cheeses ( and by explore, I mean sample). They have a super knowledgeable staff who have excellent recommendations if you are the adventurous type. You can also find a variety of cooking products, jellies, crackers, and a cafe in their store front. I have yet to try the cafe, but it’s next on my list.

We had friends over one night and indulged in a platter of cheeses paired with everything from veggies to chocolate…um…yum!

*Photo credit: Jamie L via yelp.

**Read my review on yelp here.

Brewer Hudson CoombsBrewer and DadCute pic

Brewer's first haircutBrewer and Mom

Brewer's first swimBrewer swinging at parkBrewer at Anderson FarmDino pushtoyDino pushtoy outside

Wow…what a year! I can’t complain. Actually, I can’t say I’ve been happier:)

We survived a new baby, new jobs, moving, and had some fun along the way. I can’t wait to discover all the adventures 2011 has in store for us. I hope it’s not moving…haha;)

*Sorry I’m not organized enough to have these listed by month or any order for that matter, maybe next year…maybe.

Brewer swinging at park

My baby boy is 9 months old…what a fun age! (That’s not sarcasm, he really is fun;) He’s climbing on everything and even starting to test his boundaries with mom and dad. If he wasn’t so darn cute he would hear the word “NO” more often.

The Stats: His weight and height plateaued a bit since he’s been mobile. But don’t worry he’s still as chubby as ever!

Weight: 20 lbs (50% percentile)

Height: 28 inches (50% percentile)

Things to look forward to: We are still waiting on those top two teeth to break through. He’s been working hard on them and I know he’ll be more comfortable once they come through.

Walking, walking, walking…it’s going to happen sooner than later.

Latest challenge: Trying to get him to stay seated in the bath tub. He loves splashing around and has tub toys to distract him, but they only last so long before he realizes that the side of the tub is a perfect prop to pull up on. I say “sit” sternly (well…as stern as I can) and then say “good job” when he does sit. Let me tell you…it’s not working and just sounds like I’m training one of the dogs…ugh. If anyone else has gone through this and has good ideas, please share!!